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Lomography Tag of the Day - fly



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your blog is so pretty!! how did you go about organizing it?

Thank you so much!! 

I tag all the photos with the main color(s), and made the buttons on my blog link to /tagged/”color” so that it would show all the tags with that color. It actually took a while for it to really get organized though, since I needed to keep reblogging and tagging posts until I had enough posts in the tags to make it actually look like a color blog lol 

P.S. I’m going to publish this in case anyone else is curious >_<


Art collection tumblr~

So I always see pretty art works that I wan’t to reblog and share but don’t fit my color wheel, so I’ve actually went ahead and made a new blog:


It’ll be a collection of all the pretty art I see that I believe really needs more love!

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Tony Yaacoub Couture Spring 2014

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