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Sometimes I want to dress street and other times I want to dress like I live in a mansion and maybe this is why I have too many clothes

ZE:A Junyoung (Lee Hoo) Twitter Update/Trans






"i just finished talking with shin joohak ceo. we decided that star empire will be run by myself and us, and we turned it into us ze:a’s company. i promised you guys on ze:a’s day. i’ll either tear them down or eat them up… from now on, please protect us.. but the truth… the files…"

"in the end, having lost everything and become penniless… i still loathe and hate him, but still shin joohak ceo was a mentor that i served for 8 years.. i’ll receive the scolding from the public and the fans. that kind of harsh words, shin joohak ceo and myself will take it on. we’ll reverse the contract so we receive 7 and ceo receives 3 (note: the ratio of splitting profit out of 10)

"we changed it. what i want to say through this is that i understand that a lot of management company ceos have a lot of contract problems.. i’ll shut up, so please amend the contracts and treat them like actual artists. i humbly request of you. through your heart.. if your hearts can agree.."

"really with a heart of starting all over again.. just put it all down and think that ‘that’s my child’.. i humbly request that you think that just once more.. and all the public, fans, and reporters who helped me… thank you.. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing us get justice. from now on"

"for everyone who reads my words.. on behalf of ze:a, who sings and acts and dances and goes on variety shows.. and our sunbae, fellow, and hoobae, and all other artists.. i will bet my changed name lee hoo and ze:a.. and i dare to tell you that i will live life to its fullest and hardest."

"but i… i will be quiet for a little while, not as a coward. i will be watching.. all entertainment company ceos and management, please take care of your internal issues, make amends, apologize, and accept. what we want is for you to let everything down in your hearts and earn the hearts of the artists…”

"in the future, should something like this happen again.. this entertainment industry that i can see and ehar and feel.. please remember that i have a weapon capable of bringing it to chaos. i’m sorry that i’ve caused such an uproar and thank you again. thanks to everyone, we have regained the meaning to the words hope, goals, and dreams. thanks you."

and that’s it. it’s a really rough translation since i did it on the fly as he was tweeting, but i thought the fans and the public who have been waiting all night to hear the news deserved to know the aftermath.

UPDATED 1:29PM EST: added last two tweets

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I had a dinner with researchers from 3M (I got a fellowship from them). They’re all phDs with high paying research positions at the company, married, some with kids.

We discussed staying up late to watch anime or play games and being exhausted in the research lab the next day, only to do it all over again.

Basically, you’re never “too old” or “too smart” for anime and video games.


#happychenday! happy birthday to my sweet cutiepoop, jongdae! thank you for your smile that can make any pain go away and for your voice that no angel can compete with. remember that you’ll always be my brightest star ❤ 

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Black and white blog, I follow back similar!

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